DizFanatic Episode #12 “Spirit of the Season”

Happy Holidays from all of us at DizFanatic.com!


This special "Spirit of the Season" Episode #12, Mike and Anna from DizFanatic along with Angie of WDWtravels.com sit down to have a fun discussion of their favorite things to see and do at the Walt Disney World Resort during the Holiday season.  In an attempt to make this a "Top 10" style discussion, we quickly realized that the Holidays at Disney World are so exciting, that almost everything becomes a number one prize winner.!

Ok, I know what you're thinking... These crazy Disney fanatics love all things Disney so they think the mouse can do no wrong.  Well, you're partially correct.  While we do know the reality is that Disney can make some lame and even unthinkable mistakes in their decisions, but we don't live in reality, do we?  I guess we do live in reality and Disney is our escape, so that's why we choose to focus on the things we love and flush the rest.

Anyway, with all of my philosophical jibber-jabber aside, I should also let you know that we have been invited to participate in a special Holiday podcast party, if you will.  A project has been put together called MouseVent, a Disney podcast advent calendar, where each day in December a new mini podcast is released from podcasters, authors and musicians around the world.  While i can't tell you the day which our show will be released, I invite you to head on over to Mousevent.com or search on itunes and subscribe for free.  We've been enjoying the pleasant surprise each day and can't wait for the next episode!

christmasdhs04osborne.jpgDon't forget to stop over at DizFanatic.com for exciting News, Rumors, some great Holiday Videos & Events and the first Official Pirates of the Caribbean 4 trailer! We hope you enjoy this episode

This episode of the DizFanatic Podcast is sponsored by WDWTravels.com which is an Authorizes Disney Vacation Planner and full service travel company specializing in Disney vacations.  Visit WDWTravels.com for a free quote today!

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