About Us

We are a group of Disney fanatics, family and friends, who love to share our knowledge and love of all things Disney with like minded people. We also love to learn from other fans' knowledge and experiences of the mouse.

Durring our honeymoon in 1991, in Walt Disney World of course, we were waiting on line to meet with Mickey for that treasured photo. Mickey, horsing around with the child in front of us, put the child's "Mickey Ears" on his head. We laughed and came up with a great idea for a Disney fan magazine called "Ears on Ears". It may have been a cool idea, but, life went on.

Fast forward to the late 90's and the explosion of AOL and the internet, we created our little "apartment" on the web called "Ears On Ears." It was what today would be called a blog (ha, the good old days before acronym disease) and we reported the news and rumors on our fancy low bandwidth geocities page. After a couple of years, and a few children later, we kind of gave up on being news reporters.

In 2006, we started a brand new (real) website "DizFanatic.com" which came from a nickname that an old co-worker gave me for being such a Disney Fanatic. This time we would try to cover more than just news & rumors. We did have a page dedicated to this, called Ears on Ears of course, but we also started to post photos, videos trip reports and links to our favorite sites. Ears would later be split into "official news" and "the grape vine" (for rumors).

Summer 2009 we decided to try something fun and new; a podcast. Sure, we probably don't need any more Disney podcasts… or do we? After mulling the idea, along with its format and title, we decided to try different formats to see what we were most comfortable with (because we're so indecisive) but we did settle on a name. A good friend suggested that we dust off the ol' "Ears on Ears" name because of its relevance to the ipod earphones, and Disney of course.

We hope you enjoy our show. And thanks for all of your support and encouragement!

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