DizFanatic Episode #8 “DizTech & DizGamer Gaming Show”

Welcome to Episode #8 of the DizFanatic podcast!

DizFanatic's "Ears on Ears" podcast is a show created by Disney fanatics for the purpose of enhancing your enjoyment of all things Disney. We intend on making this show informative, entertaining and most of all, fun.

This episode features Host Anna ”DisneyAnna” DiMare.  Anna starts off the show with a discussion about some recent news and rumors with Mike (aka Diz).  Mike then has a discussion about Disney in the electronic gaming world with the Adam Goswick, creator of the DizTech column and Armand Usagi, author of the DizGamer column.


The "Buzz Lightyear" Carrot found by Clive Williams of Henley-On-Thames when harvesting veggies for his grandchildren in his veggie garden.

Then join Mike & Anna for the very first DizFanatic Trivia Contest with prizes sponsored by Dizfanatic.com and WDWtravels.com.  The winner will be selected at random from all of the entries with correct answers and announced during the next show.  Please submit your answers to Mike@DizFanatic.com no later than 11:59PM on September 30, 2010.

You can read more about the latest news and rumors at DizFanatic.com.

This episode of the DizFanatic Podcast is sponsored by WDWTravels.com which is a full service travel company specializing in Disney vacations. Visit WDWTravels.com for a free quote today!

Please visit our main website site DizFanatic.com for more information. We welcome your comments, suggestions and we also just love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at Mike@DizFanatic.com or leave us a voice mail on Skype - just search for user “DizFanatic”!

Thanks for joining us!

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